25 Cool Must Do’s

1. Ballon Safari
Fly over the African savannah, teeming with wildlife in a hot air balloon. Then, finish off your experience with a champagne breakfast in the bush!

2. Do The Rhino Charge
This is a completely crazy off road driving competition which involves teams using a 4×4 car to get from A to B in the shortest possible distance! Cars are winched up and down cliffs, through rivers etc. It’s a blast! All proceeds go to conservation efforts to save the rhino.

3. Have a sundowner on your porch in the bush
Whether you’re in Amboseli , the Mara , Tsavo or the  Samburu , it’s always nice to end the day looking out over the expanse of African bush and reflecting on the days events.

4. See a millon wildebeest cross the Mara river
This migration of over a million wildebeest happens every year. If you’re there at the right time, you’ll see these ungainly animals leaping through the crocodile infested waters and it’s a phenomenon that you’ll never forget.

5. Spot your very own leopard
You can’t beat spotting animals for yourself. It’s a rare to do though, as Kenyan guides are usually great at spotting an elusive leopard at the top of a tree or a cheetah lying low in the long grass, poised, ready to give chase

6. Book a charter flight
Flying over the Rift Valley to the Maasai Mara gives you brilliant views and is just so much fun!

7. Get a hole in one at the Windsor Golf Club
We’ll you can always hope! With monkeys watching from the tropical vegetation surrounding perfect greens, anything’s possible I suppose!

8. Get your hands painted with henna
…or if you prefer, get your hair braided in tiny little plaits – masai style

9. Buy a beaded Masai necklace
…or perhaps a woven basket or a soapstone carving from the weekly Maasai Markets held in various locations around Nairobi.

10. See if you like the taste of crocodile
…at the famous Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi.

11. See a 30 foot python (but don’t wrestle with it) on a snake safari
Although snakes are very shy creatures, you’ll be sure to see all sorts of these interesting reptiles if you go on a specialized snake safari with BioKen

12. Photograph a hippo yawning!
How many photos have been taken of that elusive yawn I wonder? The hippo opens its mouth really wide, and before you’ve managed to snap the picture the moment is gone!

13. Swim with dolphins
Go on snorkeling trip in Wasini. Look at the colourful fish, swimming in, and around the coral reef right next to you. Find giant clams, sea turtles and octopus and if you’re lucky- your dhow will be escorted by dolphins. You never know, maybe you could even swim together!

14. Tag and brag a big one!
There’s no need to exaggerate in Kenya, they really are that big! Try your hand at catching a monstrous 100kg Nile perch or perhaps a Tiger Shark weighing 450kg! There are plenty of opportunities to catch some fantastic fish whether you prefer the sea or fresh water fishing.

15. Hire a donkey
There are hardly any cars in Lamu so you can walk, hire a donkey, catch a dhow or swim.

16. Hand-feed a giraffe
You can do this at the Giraffe Centre , or stay at the Giraffe Manor and have them dining at your breakfast table!

17. Walk on the wild side on Crescent Island in Naivasha
And be close to giraffe, zebra and hopefuly not too close to those noisy hippos

18. Count a thousand flamingos
As you walk along the shore of Lake Nakuru or Lake Elementaita, the sound (and smell!) of so many birds is unforgettable

19. See over 450 different birds in any one place!
Kenya has over 1000 bird varieties so if you really want a challenge…

20. Visit a tea plantation
In Kericho it rains from 1-2pm every day . Then it stops and the sun comes out again! (honestly -it’s true!

21. Tell your friends that you’ve visited President Obama’s ancestral home country
President Obama’s father was born and raised in Western Kenya and his Grandma is still around.

22. Get an adrenaline rush on a white water rafting expedition
…or if you prefer bunjee jumping , caving or kayaking, Savage Wilderness Tours can arrange it all

23. Climb the second highest mountain in Africa
Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano that straddles the equator. Be fully prepared for a hard 3-5 day trek, as the 5200m summit is a LOOONG way up!

24. See a geyser erupt with a fierce cloud of steam
…on the shores of Lake Bogoria .

25. Have a beach wedding
What could be more romantic than tying the knot in this tropical paradise?

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