Safari Companies and Tour Operators

There are so many safari companies who can organise a tour for you in Kenya… The question is – which one do you pick?

Whether you have a family, on a honeymoon, need an adventure or a place to recharge your batteries, we can help. Sunbird Kenya has selected nothing but the best safari companies who know Kenya, the places that suit your budget and will be able to meet your needs to create a perfect holiday especially for you. Our selection of companies can help you by offering a professional service to help you plan your holiday in this perfect tropical paradise.

Tour Operators (Large Companies)

  • Cheli & Peacock
  • Heritage Hotels
  • Rhino Safaris ltd
  • Somak Tours
  • Southern Cross
  • Origins
  • Pollman’s Tours
  • Elite Travel
  • Gametrackers safaris
  • Gamewatchers
  • Private Safari’s
  • Lonrho
  • Young Adventurers (Heritage)
  • Origins – Kids safaris
  • real treakers and safaris
  • Sarova Hotels
  • Africa peniel safaris
  • Kichakani sunset
  • Tusafiri Africa Travels
  • Hippo Point Kenya
  • Wildlife Trails
  • Luxury
  • Natural World Mombasa Safaris
  • Marina Tours and Safaris
  • Suntek Safaris
  • Marina Tours

Tour Operators (Small Companies)

  • Student Volunteers –
  • Rift Valley Adventures

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