Brackenhurst Conference Centre

10423798_765138286884624_5989422336119972969_nLocated on 100 safe and scenic acres, Brackenhurst Conference Centre is a distraction free environment for corporate meetings, retreats, and total relaxation for individuals.

It strives to provide warm, personal service and quality facilities in an affordable, relaxing and inspiring atmosphere.

Known for its world class hospitality, Brackenhurst offers excellent accommodation with various room configurations. These range from suites with fireplaces to spacious family rooms. The total bed capacity exceeds 300. The suites are well furnished and have a wonderful sense of a home away from home. There are eight cottages which are exclusively designed to cater for individuals, families, or a group of up to six. All the cottages have fireplaces and are well equipped with all other amenities. There are 80 double rooms and each of them is equipped with private bathrooms and essential furniture. The dormitories have a bed capacity of ranging from 19 to 22. The dormitories are ideal for organizations or schools hosting events here and wishing to work with a flexible budget. There are also family rooms which are spacious enough for the whole family.

Brackenhurst has conference rooms which are prepared to suite the guests’ specific needs. They have custom settings and materials as per request. All conference rooms are equipped with an LCD Projector, TV Multi-system, Flip Charts, Whiteboard and Markers and CD/DVD Players. There is also an internet lounge which is open every day from 7:00am to 10:00pm.Guests can connect to the internet using the provided desktop computers or their own laptop. Also available at the hotel is a gift shop. Here you can find a wide variety of books, handicrafts, clothing, greeting and postcards and other gift items.

Brackenhurst Conference Centre has Muna Tree Cafe’ which offers delicious mouth-watering cuisines. It is definitely the place to go to while at this Centre. There is a team of experienced chefs who are located here. They are the ones responsible for preparing meals just as the guests like them. The a la carte menu consists of cuisines which range from traditional Kenyan foods to international foods.

Brackenhurst Conference Centre rests at almost 7500 feet (2286 meters) where the air is refreshing and cool. Here guests will get to enjoy a variety of Flora and Fauna. There are about 200 species of birds which can be found in this area as well as several species of monkeys such as the black and white Colobus and the Sykes’ monkeys. This is a real treat for bird and animal lovers. Apart from that, if guests like taking walks or jogs in the morning or evening, then they will fancy the natural walking or jogging trails which are from 1 km to 2.5 km long. They can also walk or jog through the surrounding tea fields. There are car-wide paths throughout.

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Brackenhurst Conference Centre is an ideal get-away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here guests can enjoy the peace and quiet of the country. The scenery is enchanting and the feeling is eccentric as you stroll or drive through the tea fields that surround it. It is perfect for business or leisure.

Local Tip

Brackenhurst offers a selection of both in-door and out-door sport activities depending on the individual likes or those of particular groups/individuals. The sports facilities are especially useful to visitors who come to Brackenhurst in fairly large groups.


Telephone: +254 20 201 4092 / +254 724 25 6721/ +254 20 204 5785
Address: It is located on the northwest edge of Nairobi.

Directions: Brackenhurst Conference Centre is nestled in among gentle, rolling green hills, about 23 miles (37 km) from the northwest edge of Nairobi. It is only a 30 minutes’ drive from where “the world drops off” at the Great Rift Valley, a must-see for visitors who have a few free hours.

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