Chui Lodge

249725_800_582Guests to Chui Lodge have included Danny De Vito, Jim Carey and numerous others.

This unique and exclusive Lodge is set in its own 20,000 acre wildlife sanctuary in the Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary. Located on the shores of Lake Oloidien (meaning “salty water” in Maasai), this crater lake was once a part of Lake Naivasha in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. This small resort prides itself on individual service. Chui lodge is built of local stone and woods, and is topped by a twisted Marula roof. The textiles are all locally made batiks which add an authentic Kenyan flavour to the feel of the place.
The lodge is near a watering hole, allowing guests to observe local wildlife in comfort. Chui Lodge is relatively close to Nairobi being only a 90 minute drive by car. The route is a particularly scenic drive that takes in the fabulous scenery of the Great Rift Valley on the way there. There is also a private airfield able to offer scheduled and charter flights to other key safari destinations found all around Kenya.

Guests at Chui Lodge stay in eight individual cottages with private verandahs. The cottages all have private bathrooms with marble sinks. The rooms are decorated with locally made batik textiles in rich colors. The king-sized four-poster beds are hung with rich draperies.

Restaurants & Bar
Food is provided by professional chefs, with an international menu. They use a full kitchen and a Tapinyaki hot plate—a Japanese flat-top grill.

Chui Lodge guests can take game drives in the lodge’s four-wheel-drive vehicles and if you feel like relaxing, there’s a very nice heated swimming pool with glorious views. Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary allows for a free passage of game from Hell’s Gate through to the lakefront. The Sanctuary is exclusively for Chui Lodge Guests, so relax and enjoy the natural surroundings in peace. All profits generated through tourism have been put towards conserving this area, the wildlife it supports and the people who depend on it. A whole variety of wildlife have been introduced to the sanctuary, some indigeous and some from other parts of Kenya. Animals you may hope to see include: White Rhino, Grevy Zebra, Beisa Oryx, Greater Kudu, Wildebeest & Topi and some predatory cats such as Leopard, Cheetah, Serval & Caracal. The combination of animals is a unique combination seen nowhere else in Kenya.

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Address: Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary,  Naivasha

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