The Giraffe Manor

Giraffe-Manor-1If you’re looking for a unique, exciting and stylish place to stay, look no further.

There can’t be many places where you can find yourself sharing your breakfast table with a giraffe, or feeding these long-legged friends by hand on the doorstep of your hotel. And yet, that’s exactly what you will expect to do when you stay at this amazingly elegant and beautiful county manor, found just on the outskirts of Nairobi.
The Giraffe Manor is located in 140 acres of indigenous forest. As well as being in close proximity to the many giraffe who wander about the grounds, the Giraffe Manor is home to warthog, bush buck, tree hyrax and many species of exotic birds. It’s a great place to relax and be in tune with nature.
Next door to the manor is the popular AFAW Giraffe Centre, which is open to the public. This educational centre allows tourists and school groups to see these lovely long -legged creatures up close.

The manor offers a blend of beautifully furnished accommodation. In total, there are six en-suite bedrooms with one of these rooms being suitable for children. The rate for this room is 50% of the full rate. Each room is decorated in a modern, stylish way but retains a homely and comfortable feel.

Restaurants & Bars
Mealtimes are sociable occasions. Breakfast and lunch is served in the light and airy conservatory which is when it’s quite possible to share your meal with a greedy giraffe poking it’s head through the window! In the evening, guests dine in the lovely old Scottish style dining room, with wood panelled walls around a large hardwood table. The food is delicious and elegantly presented, with wine being available to accompany your meal for lunch and dinner if you wish.
In addition to staying as a guest at the manor, it is also possible to organise special events such as cocktail evenings (for 20 people) or private dining for up to 12 people.

Local Tip

The Giraffe Manor hosts celebrities, the rich and famous, so if you do decide to stay here you may be lucky and rub shoulders with an A-list celeb!


Telephone: +254 20 351 2956 / +254 734 317 992 / +254 20 890 949
Address: Langata

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