Kitchwa Tembo

kichwa-tembo-tented-camp11.jpg.950x0We just LOVE this camp. It’s one of our favourites! Kitchwa Tembo is beautifully set out luxury tented campsite on the edge of the western side of the Masai Mara Game reserve.

It gives you the opportunity to observe the wildlife close up, with an uninterrupted view of the breathtaking landscape all around. Apart from a couple of thin electric wires which keep the guests safe from wandering elephants, lions etc, you are there, in amongst the wildlife in the great African plains!
Dik-diks, warthog and other small, wandering animals wander in from the plains and graze in the open grass area in front of the tents. The acacia trees provide shade in the heat of the midday sun and create a good climbing frames for cheeky monkeys who eye the guests inquisitively from a safe distance. A whole host of interesting and varied wildlife are to be seen around the campsite, as this is the real outdoors camping experience! Well sort of!

Kitchwa Tembo has a sister site next door called Bateleur which is more expensive and offers a 1920’s Safari Style Experience.

The 40 spacious and camouflaged canvas tents each have their own lovely porch with twin safari chairs, great to read your novel or do a little watercolour painting if you’re able. Almost all the tents have wonderful views of the surrounding savannah and grasslands, or, for the few that don’t, a scene of jungle with creepers and indigenous tropical forest provides privacy and interest. The spacious living areas inside the tents provide ample space for two single beds or a double bed with room enough to add in an extra bed if needed. To the back of the tent is a permanent bathroom with everything you could need (and more), including a ceramic wash basin, flagstone floor, a flush toilet, hot shower and mirror. This is not real camping but gives you the space and comfort that you want, a feeling of being close to nature, but not being TOO close if you see what I mean

Restaurants & Bars
After a full day of game viewing and relaxing by the pool, it will be time to enjoy a drink at the candlelit bar before dining. The food is delicious Pan-African cuisine served alfresco style outdoors or in the main dining area. It’s also possible to arrange private dining or an exciting bush banquet may be something to think about.
All meals served, are full of fresh aromatic spices and natural ingredients. Drinks are waiter served by the pool

Area Information : The Masai Mara
Game drives and the Masai Mara: Morning and evening game drives are a must for those wishing to see nature at its’ best. On these vast open grasslands, teeming with a huge variety of endangered animals, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. The Masai Mara is known to be the best game park for seeing a huge variety of animals and the plains and the wildlife is always there in abundance no matter what time of year you visit.

The annual wildebeest migration
In July or August, however, you may be lucky enough to witness the amazing spectacle of the wilderbeast migration. The Mara fills up with almost 2 million ungainly wildebeast (and that’s a LOT!) who shamble around, grunt, stumble, give birth, die and desperately trying to avoid the snapping jaws of hungry crocodiles as they are forced to cross the Mara river just a short distance from Kitchwa Tembo. These amazing creatures, cross from the Tanzanian plains of the Seregetti to the Kenyan plains in the Masai Mara each year,bringing with them the lions and other predators who follow in their wake. This amazing wonder of nature is the best time to visit the Mara; however, any time of the year is fantastic as the animals are always there no matter when you decide to go.

Animals you will see
The chances are, you should see at least 4 of the “big five” in the Masai Mara. Lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and commonly sighted, with the elusive leopard being in no short supply, however, you’ll have to have eagle eyes to see one close up. Cheetahs are commonly seen and of course giraffe, zebra, kudu, and a whole host of different antelopes of various shapes and sizes. Pangolins, Secretary birds, ground hornbills, anteaters, jackals, bat eared fox, hyena, civit cat, mongoose, porcupines, warthog, hippo, serval, the list goes on. You should see all of these amazing creatures, if you keep your eyes peeled and get up early before the animals all hide

In close proximity to the Kitchwa Tembo luxury Campsite, and run by the same group, is another even more up-market and exclusive residence fit for royalty and rockstars! See Bataleur for more details.


Telephone: +27 11 809 4300 / +27 11 809 4400
Address: Maasai Mara

Directions: Guests can drive to Bateleur from Nairobi which takes between 5 – 6 hours or there is an airstrip just a short distance from the camp.

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