Larsen’s Camp

247960_600_400This small luxurious tented camp is situated alongside the Uaso Nyiro River in the heart of the Samburu Game reserve.

With no children under ten being allowed, the air of the camp is tranquil and refined with only the sound of the birdsong and gently flowing river to disturb the peace!
The atmosphere at Larsens is a sophisticated camping and wilderness experience, reaching the highest standards of comfort and luxury. The calm and tranquility in the evenings is magical, sitting around a campfire under a starlit sky, listening to the chirruping cicadas, an owl hooting and perhaps animals in the distant bush makes you know that you’re having a real African Adventure. Everything at this camp has been carefully thought out to make your stay relaxing, interesting and comfortable.

Local Tip

Samburu has a river which floods regularly each year. Larsens and other camps have learnt the hard way to build their tented camps on stilts, you may still experience these dramatic floods if you go go at certain times of year. The times are hard to pinpoint but June and September are possible.

There are only 20 luxury tents at Larsens. They are all discreetly sited along the west bank of the Uaso Nyiro river, which means that they are bathed in light and enjoy a fantastic view of sunrise each morning. Each tent stands on it’s own plinth of natural stone and are decorated with a casual colonial elegance in chic safari style. Each has it’s own private deck overlooking the river with leather safari chairs, and an en-suite private bathroom. Bathrooms are stocked with a range of Molten Brown toiletries, have hot showers and flushing toilets.

Restaurants & Bars
Evening meals are stylishly presented by candlelight, with beautiful wine glasses, elegant tableware and mouthwatering food fit for royalty. Care is taken to attend your each and every need, from the a la carte menu for each meal you have here, to the varied and interesting dining experiences in locations that vary from day to day. You may dine on the river bank under a canopy of fig trees, on decking right next to the river, by a camp fire, on a deck, overlooking a water hole or you may even end up dining in the untamed wilderness.


  • Picnics – For your excursions, picnic baskets are served in true safari style, complete with folding camp table and stools.
    Champagne Breakfast – Following an energetic walk to a private location on the river bank, you can enjoy a full English breakfast prepared by the Larsens’ uniformed chefs.
  • Sundowners – By the river bank or on a nearby hill top, enjoy watching the spectacular sunset while drinking a delicious sundowner cocktail and eating canapés served by the Larsen’s staff.
  • Special occasions – Mark a special occasion, anniversary, birthday or simply put across that special message to someone nearest and dearest by arranging a Gala Dinner

Telephone: +254 20 650384
Address: Wilderness Lodges , Samburu

Area Information: Samburu
What’s special about Samburu?
Samburu offers some rare species of animals that cannot be seen in some of the other game parks and reserves, which is probably why it’s one of Kenya’s most popular reserves for tourists after the Masai Mara. It’’s famous for its beautiful but rare species of Grevy’s zebra and reticulated giraffe, Somali ostriches with their distinctive blue legs and the very cute gerenuk, which is a very clever antelope which cleverly balances on two legs in order to nibble acacia bushes. All these unusual animals are rarely seen in other areas and make this game reserve a special place to visit.

As well as these rare breeds of animals, Samburu also has a wide variety of other animals seen in other parks within Kenya. There are large numbers of elephant in the park, and you have a good chance of seeing hippos, crocodiles, lion and leopard, as well as the other antelopes, birds and small mammals commonly seen elsewhere.

Location and landscape
Samburu is in the North of Kenya close to the Shaba and Buffalo Springs National Reserves. It’s much drier and hotter than some of the grassland areas in central Kenya and it’s part of a lava plain that includes rocky outcrops, steep hills and dried river beds. Through the centre of the reserve runs the Ewaso Ngiro river (also known as the Brown river) and so all along this valued source of water, is rich green forest, doum palms, acacia trees and tamarind trees which create the perfect home for wildlife.

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