Muthaiga Club

254620_800_600Kenya’s colonial history would not be the same without The Muthaiga Country Club.

The club dates back to 1913, and the Club is full of memorabilia dating back to colonial times. There is an old dusty lion bagged by a hunter from a time of hunting triumphs, which stands among modern amenities and elegant décor. The Muthaiga Country Club is steeped in history, to a time when maveric explorers and missionaries mixed with the likes of Karen Blixen, Beryl Markham and Lord Delamere.

Mentioned in almost all the books written about colonial life in Kenya, this exclusive members club has retained it’s distinguished reputation and prides itself on it’s high standards of culture and charm.
The Muthaiga Club hosts a range of events throughout the year. There is a Golf Club attached and other amenities include a swimming pool, health club, tennis courts and an internet cafe. There are various places to dine and enjoy a drink and they also have accommodation for members and members of similar clubs that are affilliated. (Contact them first though to confirm).


Telephone: +254 02 376 2178
Address: Muthaiga

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