Robert’s Camp

IMG_4996Set in spacious, shady gardens leading down to the lakeshore, Robert’s Camp offers a range of accommodation from beautiful, well equipped cottages, to comfortable but simple bandas to a self catering campsite.

The beautiful lakeside campsite, is found in Baringo which is home to 450 species of birds, and is place of great natural beauty. Among the various birds you may encounter are; Verreaux’s Eagle Owls, Hammerkops, Storks, Hornbills, and Fish Eagles around the lake. At the campsite there are a colourful array of Weavers, Starlings, and Sunbirds. In addition to the birdlife, Baringo also has interesting wildlife in the area too, including hippos, crocodiles and many interesting and unusual mammals.
The camp is run by Ross and Caroline Withey, who have a special interest in the area due to Caroline’s own family history. At night, the sound of hippos, sometimes with young, is a thrilling experience as they graze on the lawns close by. By day these large ungainly creatures like to wallow in the lake near to the slumbering crocodiles! Close to the campsite, some other interesting creatures are often spotted, including genet cats, monitor lizards and tortoises – including the 85-year old giant tortoise who lives at the campsite all the time!

Local Tip

Roberts camp offers a variety of accommodation including a campsite and the bandas.

Although guests are welcome to self cater, offers an alternative with it’s well stocked bar and a la carte menu. The Thirsty Goat Pub & Restaurant prides itself on a wide range of ice cold beers, wines, spirits and exotic cocktails, as well as an exciting menu of meat and vegetarian dishes. Packed lunches and pre arranged barbeques for large groups can also be arranged. There’s nothing better than arriving at Roberts camp after a dry, dusty day on the road, sharing succulent steaks and an ice cold beers!

Restaurants & Bars
The campsite is set out in over 5 acres of lush garden, which leads down to the lake shore. There are well-maintained toilet facilities, several areas for guests to have their own bar-b-ques and the “Thirsty Goat” restaurant which offers an alternative if you don’t feel like cooking for yourself.

Boat rides, picnic lunches & breakfasts, cultural visits, day excursions to Lake Bogoria & Tugen Hills, bird walks and nature walks are among the activities that can be arranged from Robert’s Camp. The activities can be arranged or if you wish to explore the area yourself that’s fine too. a resident masseur is also on site, for those who would like to truly relax in a beautiful setting

There are four thatched bandas each having two rooms with a single bed in it. Each banda shares a communal kitchen with a gas cooker, fridge and freezer, all utensils and an outside barbeque/eating area. The bandas also share a communal bathroom with a shower, set in a quiet shady corner of the camp.
Bedding, towels, mosquito nets are provided, and an electrical socket and a fan is also provided as Baringo is usually pretty hot throughout the year. The Bandas are names after birds, and the Heron, Stork and Spoonbill Bandas have two single beds.
There is one larger banda (The Coots Banda) which has a double bed and a single bed and its own adjacent toilet and shower. The Coots banda doesn’t have access to the kitchen shared by the other bandas as the guests tend to use the restaurant for meals or share meals with friends who are either camping or renting the Coots Cottage.

Found in North West of Kenya and having over 400 species of birdlife in this area, Lake Baringo is understandably a popular destination for birdwatchers. With its hot, dry climate, this freshwater lake and its surrounding area attract local fishermen who paddle their dug out canoes on the lake making a picturesque sight. Crocodiles and hippos lie, camouflaged, half submerged in the murky water. Fish eagles swoop, dive and call with their eerie scream, and surrounding the lake are mountain ranges which make a truly beautiful sight, and depending on the time of day, dramatic lighting can affect the whole panorama to create awe-inspiring effects; perfect for photography.
Most people who visit Baringo, like to also visit neighbouring Lake Bogori which is smaller but interesting in its own right.

Bogoria is a National Reserve and visitors to this long thin lake can see impressive hot springs and flamingos.


Telephone: +254 727 06895 / +254 20 2057718
Address: Baringo

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