The Swedo House

IMG_0117The Swedo House was originally a hunting lodge for the coffee farm owned by Baron Blixen and his wife Karen (who wrote the book and film “Out of Africa”under her pen name, Isak Dinesen)

The house dates back to 1906 and has been refurbished to it’s original style. It was originally surrounded by indigenous forest, bush and grasslands. Baron Blixen bought the Coffee Company for his wife Karen in 1913.

The Swedo House has a cosy atmosphere and originally served as the farm manager’s residence on the Blixen Estate. Thomas Dinesen (Karen Blixen’s brother), lived in this house for several years and Karen Blixen spent a great deal of time here.

The Swedo House is available each day as a lounge for guests, or for tea or cappuccino or for romantic dining by the fireplace. It’s also a popular venue for receptions, small meetings and formal dinners. (Prior arrangement is recommended)


Also within the Coffee Gardens are:

  • Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Cottages
  • Tamambo Restaurant
  • The historic Grogan House

Events are also held in the public area of the Karen Blixen Coffee Gardens including live music.
The Coffee Gardens are in a convenient location with easy access to local and international airports, National Wildlife Park (10 minutes), the Elephant Orphanage (10 minutes), KWS Safari Walk and Animal Orphanage (10 minutes), Karen Country and Golf Club. (5 minutes) Giraffe Centre (15 minutes) etc.

Local Tip
This old house dates back to 1906 and is a quick free visit if you’re eating at Tamambo in the Karen Blixen Coffee Gardens.


Telephone: +254 20 882 130 / +254 733 616 206 / +254 20 882 508
Address: 336 Karen Road, Karen Blixen Coffee Garden , 226 Karen Road , Karen, Nairobi

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