The Ark

Exterior viewThe Ark is located in the Aberdare Mountains, and overlooks the Yasabara waterhole and salt-lick.

The buildings are designed to resemble Noah’s Biblical ark, with decks and balconies at different levels. The waterhole is flood lit at night, and guests can get close to the wildlife in the Ark’s ground-level bunker. Children generally must be aged seven or older to stay at the property, although there are sometimes “children’s nights”. Park fees are not included in the rates. The Ark, which opened in 1969, is now operated by the Fairmont hotel group.

There are sixty guest rooms, referred to as “cabins”; almost all have en-suite bathrooms. The rooms are furnished with twin beds, double beds, or single beds; there are also triple-bedded cabins. One single “courier cabin” does not have an en-suite bathroom. The rooms are carpeted, and have hot water bottles and extra blankets for chilly nights. The cabins have views of the forest or the watering hole. The bathrooms have a flush toilet, a shower stall and a sink, and an electric socket for shaving. Each room has a buzzer that is activated during the night by a game ranger if a particularly interesting animal appears at the watering hole; it can be turned off. Children aged 7 to 12 are charged 25% of the regular rate when sharing with two adults.

Restaurants & Bars
Full board is included in the room rate. The main dining room and bar are located on the “C” Level, and have a glass wall with a view of the forest. The menu incorporates fresh local produce into Kenyan and European menu items. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served table d’hote style. Guests must stay more than one night or make a special request to have lunch at the restaurant. The adjoining lounge has leather settees and stools, and a stuffed rhino head hangs over the fireplace. The bar offers tea, coffee, and fruit juice in addition to alcoholic beverages, and is also open for afternoon tea.

The Ark has several open and glassed-in levels from which guests can observe animals at the watering hole. There are glassed-in lounges, some of which are non-smoking. The ground-floor bunker provides an excellent location for close-up photography (night flashes are not allowed, because they can scare the animals). There are also open-air balconies. Extra blankets are provided for guests. There is a small shop that sells local fabrics, clothing and accessories, as well as travel necessities. The staff can change small amounts of currency. There are no conference facilities.


Telephone: +254 20 221 6940 / +254 20 2265 555 / +254 20 221 6796
Address: Aberdares

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