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Kenya has a wonderful selection of high quality books, novels, children’s books and non fiction guides which reflect its rich cultural heritage and fascinating history.

From Ernest Hemmingway, Issak Dinesen, Joy Adamson and other famous authors, we hope you’ll enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations of this wonderful country. Published travel guides offer good quality travel information and so we’ve offered you a compilation of our favourite books which we hope will cater for all interests.

So get ready to tuck into a good read with the distant roar of a lion away in the vast, ink-black African night sky.

Please click on the links below so you’ll be able to order online a selection of Kenya related books we recommend.

Kenya’s natural beauty and wonderful climate has drawn a fascinating collection of explorers, settlers and wildlife experts. Add these to over 40 colourful ethnic tribes within Kenya, each having their own distinctive traits and traditions, there is much to discover in the way of biographies and non fiction reading material. Enjoy!

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