Samburu National Park

Samburu National Park

Kenya is perhaps the most famous, safari destination in the world. It has a broad selection of  game parks to visit  with so much to offer that you really are spoiled for choice.

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A wildlife safari is often what tourists and travellers look for when visiting East Africa. With Kenya being the home of the “Lion King”, we can’t think of a better place to see large mammals roaming around freely in their native habitats.

Elephant, giraffe, zebra, leopard, lion and buffalo are all here in large numbers, wandering the savannah. There are plenty of eco-friendly options to safari holidays too. Tourists can help preserve the natural habitats; so not only do you have a fabulous time, you’re also doing your bit to support the fragile eco-systems that you come to visit.

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Getting Around
When taking a safari, if you haven’t arranged a pre-booked package, visitors may choose to hire a car with a driver/guide. This is a great way to see the country and can be a cheaper and more flexible way to organize your trip.Self-drive is possible, but to pay a driver full time does not cost so much. For a daily amount of no more than around 10 euros you will get someone experienced, who knows Kenyan roads, speaks the local language, letting you relax and enjoy the trip. At the coast, most people use taxis to get around or rely on transport provided by the hotel.

Safari Guides
Experts of the Kenyan savannah, these safari guides will impart their knowledge of the Kenya bush to make your safari experience informed and special. Their knowledge and understanding of the Kenyan savannah is unsurpassed. Being with them on your safari means that you’ll learn everything there is to know about the wildlife and ecology of the natural environments you visit together. Guides belonging to the KPSGA are able to earn a bronze, silver or gold qualification showing their level of expertise and experience.

Safari Companies and Tour Operators
There are so many safari companies who can organise a tour for you in Kenya… The question is – which one do you pick? Whether you have a family, on a honeymoon, need an adventure or a place to recharge your batteries, we can help. Sunbird Kenya has selected nothing but the best safari companies who know Kenya, the places that suit your budget and will be able to meet your needs to create a perfect holiday especially for you. Our selection of companies can help you by offering a professional service to help you plan your holiday in this perfect tropical paradise.

Specialist Safaris
Fancy a holiday with a difference, then look no further… Kenya has many adventurous, historical, anthropological or naturalist holidays that would make for an exciting and interesting holiday with a difference. Kenya offers spa holidays, yoga retreats, horseback safaris and more. There are adventure holidays for children and historical tours. Take a break from the norm and see if you can find something original and fun in this varied and exciting destination!