Leaving Kenya:

Departure from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is fairly straightforward; there are several departure terminals but they are all clearly marked according to the airline, which you are traveling with. Leave plenty of time to get to the airport if you’re traveling across town as rush-hour traffic can easily add an hour or even more onto your journey.In Mombasa there is only one departure terminal and the airport is easy to get to.

You are expected to pay duty on gift items bought in Kenya but not if the items are for yourself. You are allowed I litre of spirits or wine and 200 cigarettes duty free. Items such as laptops, computers and cameras are also duty free.Narcotics and pornography and firearms are all prohibited, as are endangered species and their products so no trying to smuggle out that cute turtle, cheetah skin or elephant tusk and, more seriously, no seashells, coral or starfish. Shame on you if were even thinking of collecting them, as it does tremendous damage to the marine eco-systems.

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