Al Pasha Lounge

256653_800_600With wonderful, panoramic views of the Nairobi National Park, Al Pasha is a really lovely and relaxing place to be.

Only a few minutes drive away from the airport, this stylish coffee lounge has a middle eastern feel where you can enjoy your Shisha in the large sofas on the outdoor verandah.

Found on the 2nd floor of the Panari Sky Centre, Al Pasha is intimate enough for a private meal, or business engagement, but large enough for a corporate function. Alpasha has room to accommodate 60 people normally and up to 80-90 people for cocktails. Reservations are recommended for large groups.
There is a small well stocked bar as you enter Al Pasha, and the decor and ambience is really welcoming and exotic. The menu includes all the authentic Middle Eastern dishes such as humous, falafel, tabouleh, served with warm pitta bread and more. Alpasha offers an assorted mix of coffee; Espresso Mocha, Latte Machiato, Machiato Latte, Frappucino, Iced Kenya coffee to name just a few.

This is a great place to come after ice-skating. It is child friendly and a good place to just chill! Please note that Alpasha respects Islamic principles and they cook and serve pork products in isolation from other products.Outside catering services are available.

Al Pasha is owned and managed by the same people who run Pampa Churrascaria Brazilian Grill which is also found in the Panari Sky Centre.


Telephone: +254 20 820601 / +254 20 828135 / +254 734 254294
Address: 2nd Floor, Panari Sky Centre , Mombasa Road

Directions: Al Pasha is found on the 2nd floor of the Panari Sky Centre. As you drive from the airport it’s about 10 minutes away on the right hand side of the road. It’s a large imposing building as is fairly easy to spot. If you see the Ol Sereni Hotel on you left you’ve gone too far.