Alan Bobbe’s Bistro

589585_638_365Alan Bobbe has developed a reputation for fine dining over the past 50 years years here in Kenya.

He started off as a chef in France and moved to Kenya half a century ago, and has been practising his skills as a culinary chef ever since.Originally located in the city centre, Alan Bobbe’s Bistro is now tucked away in a quiet corner of Westlands where you can enjoy his fine French cuisine and gastronomic delights in a cosy and stylish environment.

The restaurant is within a development with a swimming pool and has a friendly, suave atmosphere which we really enjoyed.


Telephone: +254 714 425 200 / +254 27 878 783 / +254 27 878 783
Address: Rhapta Road ,Westlands.

Directions: From the CBD, it is a 15 minute drive .