Home Delivery

When you’re feeling too tired to cook, Kenya has a growing number of restaurants and companies who offer delivery service.

When you can’t be bothered to go out to a restaurant, why not bring the restaurant to you? There are many types of cuisine to choose from; from an Indian feast, to Italian pizza and pasta, Japanese sushi or just plain burgers and fries. There’s a wide choice available in Nairobi and other urban centres are also catching on fast. A general delivery service is also becoming more popular, bringing food to you from any restaurant for a fee.

Delivery companies

You phone them and they will place your order with almost any restaurant of your choice and then deliver. Be aware; it can take up to an hour or more to deliver.

  • Mama’s Meals on Wheels



  • Steers


  • Alan Bobbés Bistro
  • Mediterraneo
  • Artcaffe
  • Divino
  • Osteria Del Chianti
  • Java
  • Dorman’s


  • Blanco’s
  • Tamambo
  • Carnivore: Simba Salon


  • Bangkok
  • Zen Garden
  • China Plate
  • Mister Wok
  • Taste of China
  • Furusato
  • Cedars


  • Anghiti
  • Open House
  • Haandi