Java House – ABC Place

IMG_6041Situated along Waiyaki Way within the ABC shopping complex, this pleasant coffee house has ample parking and is conveniently located next to Zuccini greengrocer, Gilani’s Buchery, and Chandarana supermarket, plus a variety of other shops and offices.

The branch has indoor and patio seating. To find the toilet you need to embark on a mystery tour up some public stairs to the side of the restaurant!

Local Tip

ABC is a nice shopping centre. It has a great butchers, greengrocers, gift shop, opticians, toy shop etc. If you don’t feel like being in a large indoor mall, this has a nice village atmosphere!

Open 7am to 9pm daily

Java House, is probably Kenya’s most successful coffee houses, having 10 thriving restaurants/coffee houses spread throughout the city. The restaurants all have a modern feeling and are richly decorated with warm, modern interiors and good service. Their quality food, good service and value for money has to be the reason for it’s success.

Their menu offers home baked bread, cookies and pastries, classic burgers and chips and a wide selection of Mexican style food. In most of the restaurants, one of the main features, are the enormous and very beautiful oil paintings on display, by the Kenyan artist Jimna Kimani.
The coffee served is from Africa’s finest Arabica coffees (from Kenya and Ethiopia). The beans are hand-selected and deep-roasted. The Gold Label Tea is sourced exclusively from Kenya’s tea growing highlands of Mount Kenya.

In many of the restaurants, free wireless internet is available which makes these restaurants great places to hang out on your own while you surf the web or hold an informal business meeting in comfortable surroundings.
Take outs are welcomed but there is currently no delivery service run by Java (see transport section for independent delivery services)

In addition to the Java House restaurants, their merchanise is always popular. Java House mugs, bath towels, T-shirts etc are all for sale in the restaurants and also in several other stores in and around Nairobi.
Other Java House locations:

  • DownTown: Open Mon – Sat 7am – 9pm and Sundays 8 am- 8pm. Tel: 020 313564/5
  • Gigiri: free wireless internet, kids play area. Open 7am to 8pm daily. Tel: 020 7120232/7122153
  • Jomo Kenyatta Airport: Open 24 hours. Tel: 020 827600
  • The Junction: free wireless internet. Open 7am to 10 pm daily. Tel: 020 878564/5
  • Sarit Centre: Open 7am to 9 p.m. daily. Tel: 020 3751272/3
  • UniAfrica: Open Mon to Sat 7am- 9pm & Sun 8am-8pm. Tel: 020 215212/3
  • Upper Hill: free wireless internet. Open Mon to Fri 7am-8pm, Sat & Sun 7am-6pm. Tel: 020 2713442/3
  • YaYa Shopping Centre: Open 7am – 9pm daily. Tel: 020 3861903/9
  • ABC Place: Open 7am to 9pm daily. Tel: 020 4451978/9.


Telephone: +254 20 445 1978/9
Address: Waiyaki Way , Westlands