G4 Security

With nearly 10,000 staff in Kenya, G4Security is one of the leading security companies in Kenya. G4S provides “A World of Security Solutions”

Being part of the global G4S plc, which operates in over 100 countries worldwide, G4S Security Services provide global expertise. They also have a strong local understanding due to their huge workforce based in 100 nationwide locations throughout Kenya.

Services offered
G4S provides a range of services including cash handling, the design, installation maintenance and monitoring of intruder alarms, cash-in-transit, manned guarding services for public and private sector organizations, access control, CCTV and other security systems.

The History of G4S
In 2004, G4S was formed following the merger of Securicor plc and the security businesses of Group 4 Falck. It’s headquarters is based in the UK.

  • G4 Worldwide

Group 4 Securicor operates in more than 100 countries worldwide and has over 430,000 staff:

  • 114,492 in Europe
  • 138,098 in Asia Pacific
  • 68,864 in Africa
  • 50,493 in North America
  • 27,371 in South America
  • 15,787 in the Middle East

  • Contacts: 

    Email: daniel.okoth@KE.G4S.COM
    Telephone: +254 710 699 739 / +254 698 2000 / +254 253 2380
    Address: Witu Road off Lusaka Rd , Industrial Area
    Website: http:// www.g4s.co.ke

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