Jas Auto Solutions

When buying a car, JasAutoSolutions are there to help you find one that perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle.

Located just opposite the Ngong Racecourse on the Ngong Road, JasAutoSolutions is easy to find and is in a good location.


  • JasAutoSolutions will assist you in all areas of the motor industry; whether you’re looking to buy or sell a vehicle locally, want to import a vehicle from abroad or perhaps you simply need help in making an educated guess! Furthermore, their expertise in all sorts of car related matters, mean that this is a great choice for anyone needing a car service, vehicle repair or any accident damage dealing with as well. Their high tech workshop has plenty of space and is located within a secure area.
  • With over thirty five years of experience in the car industry, JasAutoSolutions Ltd. provides all the information and expertise you need; full specs and data, test reviews, valuations and anything else that’s required to make sure that you’re choosing a car that’s exactly right for you.
  • Managing Director, Jasminder Singh Bharij has plenty of experience in the auto industry. He’s been importing top quality cars directly through the auction houses in Japan for many years. He knows the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Offering full pre-sale mechanical inspections and breakdown cover, are just some of the services provided to those buying through JasAutoSolutions. Customers are given other benefits such as warranties for complete peace of mind when buying their dream car.

Contact Jas if you are interested in sponsoring a rally car for major events.

Local Tip
Jas is a Motorcross expert too! Contact him if you are interested in sponsoring a rally car for major events.


Email : jas@jasauto.co.ke
Telephone : + 254 (0) 733 533727 / + 254 (0) 725 160228
Address : Car Showroom & Service Centre , Opposite the Ngong Racecourse
Website: http://jasauto.co.ke
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jasautosolutions-Ltd/246630455376548?fref=ts

Directions : Jas Auto Solutions is found in the Lenana Forest Centre. it’s so easy to find – as you drive from the city, go along the Ngong Road and past the Racecourse on the left side of the road. The Lenana Forest Centre is just on the right just under 1km away. If you get to Miotoni Road, you’ve gone too far. This is also the same centre that has the Sandstone HQ.

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