Domestic Workers (housekeepers, cooks & ayahs)

Domestic workers (Maids, cooks, housework, ayahs, drivers, gardeners, security & dog trainers)

Generally people hire their own domestic staff. If you’ve not hired staff before it can be a daunting prospect, but follow these basic guidelines and it will help you avoid some of the common pitfalls.

  • Conduct the interview somewhere public such as a coffee shop, and reconfirm your appointment by sms just before you go.
  • Your interviewee should bring their ID, letters of reference and a CV (if they have one).
  • Before you commit to hire them, check the references thoroughly.
  • If you decide to hire someone, offer a months trial period of before taking them on. Be clear that they are on a trail period so there are no misunderstandings.
  • Keep a copy of their ID and also make a note of their address and a family contact too. This is useful incase they are off sick and don’t manage to get  in to work.
  • Register them  for NSSF & NHIF (follow this link to details of this)
  • Give them a contract stating their rights and responsibilities. Follow employment regulations and ask around what your friends offer. (follow this link to details of this)
  • Remember that ultimately, they are your employee and not your friend.  Be kind and clear about your expections and be fair at all times.
  • Don’t put temptation in the way of your staff. Be security conscious and mindful of your bank statements, keys, etc.
  • Enjoy your staff and discover how sweet, hardworking and loyal they can be.

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