Kenya Skydivers – Annual Skydiving Boogie

Kenya Skydivers, based in Nairobi, offer an annual skydiving ‘boogie’ when more than 100 parachutists from around the world, congregate in Diani Kenya.

From here, they make a dozen targeted drops above the white sandy, coral sands from 4000m.

Kenya army paratroopers with a minimum 1000-drop experience, oversee the organization of this event, providing the equipment and expertise. For experienced skydivers, with their own licence, there’s an opportunity to join in and show off to the crowds of spectators gathered below. Without a licence, Skydiving enthusiasts may also take part, by signing up for a tandem free fall, where you’re strapped to an experienced diver who will take you though the experience and let you relax and enjoy this amazing experience.

For those who’ve experienced skydiving in Kenya, it’s an addictive experience. The tropical, warm updrafts enable some of the longest free falls available, with a full sixty seconds being not uncommon.

Address : Diani

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