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Laikipia is basically the gateway to the northern wilds of Kenya. It’s Kenya’s newest National Park.

This remote wilderness zone offers spectacular scenery, with a stunning array of private ranches, five star luxury resorts with just amazing views to the worlds end.

The area is famous for it’s royal connection being where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton. It’s a sparsely populated region, offering stunning scenery of wide open landscapes that seem to stretch on forever.Many large privately owned ranches are found in Laikipia, some being cattle ranches with exotic wildlife roaming free. Wildlife conservation has recently proved to be infinitely more profitable than agriculture or herding and so many ranches have now opened up guest houses, homestays and private camps which make truly amazing places to stay.

In recent times small-scale farms have combined to create “community ranches” to become large group ranches. These initiatives usually act as wildlife sanctuaries and play an important role in wildlife conservation. Laikipia has become an important breeding sanctuary for rhinoceros and is also host to a wealth of plains game, including many rare species indigenous to this northern part of Kenya. Elephant, lion, leopard and buffalo are also commonly seen.

Through tourism, traditional lands are now being used in a way that is sustainable and conserve wildlife. The ranches offer a sense of local identity and the community ties are strong. Visitors are offered a fantastic opportunity to learn about traditional cultures in a beautiful wilderness. Game viewing tends to be more private, and often more adventurous being away from it all.

The type of visitor to this area tends to be at the upper end of the tourist market looking for a luxurious, exclusive holiday, away from it all. Special attention is placed on personal service, local knowledge and excellent guiding. Guests, have individualised schedules and are able to explore at their own pace, discovering the wild beauty in this untamed wilderness.

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Local Tip
Visitors to this area are given a chance to explore a wilderness zone away from the National Parks giving a wonderful sense of freedom. The wide open spaces, offer interesting outdoor activities and relaxation away from it all.


Address: Northern Kenya , Laikipia

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