Lake Baringo & Lake Bogoria


Island Camp, Lake Baringo

An area of great beauty, Baringo and Bogoria have a hot climate so get ready to roll your sleeves up, to get dusty and hot!

Found in North West of Kenya and having over 400 species of birdlife in this area, Lake Baringo is understandably a popular destination for birdwatchers.

What to See & Do
With its hot, dry climate, this freshwater lake and its surrounding area attract local fishermen who paddle their dug out canoes on the lake making a picturesque sight. Crocodiles and hippos lie, camouflaged, half submerged in the murky water. Fish eagles swoop, dive and are mountain ranges which make a truly beautiful sight, and depending on the time of day, dramatic lighting can affect td call with their eerie scream, and surrounding the lake. The whole panorama to create awe-inspiring effects; perfect for photography.

Lake Bogoria & Hot Springs
Most people who visit Baringo, like to also visit neighbouring Lake Bogori which is smaller but interesting in its own right. Bogoria is a National Reserve and visitors to this long thin lake can see impressive hot springs and flamingos. Enjoy the views hot springs spraying plumes of boiling water high in the air. It also has an wildlife including crocodiles, hippos, fish eagles and hundreds of other species of tropical birdlife.

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Local Tip
Make sure you see the fish eagles here. If you take a boat out the guide on the boat will often throw a fish for the Fish Eagles giving you a great opportunity to take a photo as it swoops in and grabs it with it’s talons.

Directions: From Nairobi: You can fly to Baringo which is a couple of hours from Nairobi or drive which can around 7-8 hours.

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