Lake Naivasha and Hell’s Gate


Crescent Island, Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is an area of great beauty. Being only about an hour away from Nairobi, it’s a popular destination for ex-pats and tourists who come here for weekends away.

The yellow fever trees line the shoreline and this attractive part of Kenya and its a good place to be close to nature.

What’s special about Naivasha?
Only an hours drive from Nairobi, Naivasha conjures up images of the 1940’s Happy Valley set where the colonial upper classes were famous for living decadent lives, wife swapping, hunting and throwing wild parties.

Flower farms
The freshwater lake is home to a large number of hippos and birdlife. It’s also a centre for many large flower farms who use water from the lake for irrigation. This has been controversial over resent years due to low levels of water in the lake which has been blamed on the flower farms in the locality.

Things to do
There are various outings and things to do here, including a visit to Crescent Island where you can walk in safety among wild but non dangerous animals, visit Elementaita weavers, climb Mount Longonot, visit the geothermal Project In Hells Gate National Park, visit the Elsamere conservation centre or take a boat ride on the lake.

Hell’s Gate National Park
For those with an interest in geological formations, this is a wonderful place to visit. Soaring red cliffs, volcanic landforms, grasslands with game and a deep gorge where visitors can walk and climb. Many people camp here as a cheaper alternative to staying in a hotel.

Where to stay
The range of accommodation in and around Naivasha ranges from swanky 5 star hotels to self catering cottages or even a private ranch with it’s own airstrip.

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Local Tip

Lake Naivasha is within easy reach of Nairobi, being around and hour away, it’s easy for day trips or weekends away

Location: Great Rift Valley

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