Lake Turkana

desert-rose-lodge_kenya_130_660_440Lake Turkana is a remote and rarely visited part of Kenya, well and truly off the usual tourist trail.

It offers a dry desert environment just beautiful for photography. Lake Turkana is a remote and rarely visited part of Kenya, well and truly off the usual tourist trail. It offers a dry desert environment just beautiful for photography.

Here you are alone in the wilds with nothing but fantastic views of dramatic landscapes, stunning people, their livestock, fishing boats and rural homesteads. You can see many interesting animals and birds. There is also a chance to see wildlife fossils which include those of the Giant Tortoise and 18-20 ft long Crocodile. Sibiloi is a very important site for Hominid Fossils. There is a Museum of Kenya base and it has become famous since Richard Leakey discovered ‘1470’ a 2 million year old skull of Homo Habilis. In western Turkana there is a basic lodge so you can try catching a prized Nile Perch if you like fishing. Eliye Springs is an oasis further north and here you will see many small Turkana villages.

The Suguta Valley jut south of Lake Turkana is one of the hottest, most harsh and photographically stunning places on the planet. Scorching hot and with arid scrubdesert and dry riverbeds that flash flood at certain times of year. In some parts of the Lake Turkana region it may not rain for several years. Itis a lonely and inhospitable place but well worth visiting if you’re looking for adventure and somewhere unique. Turkana is as far north as you can go before reaching Ethiopia and Sudan. It’s north of Samburu and Lake Baringo,and is west of the Chalbi Desert.

Among hundreds of species of birds that include flamingos, pelicans who live by the alkaline lake. This dry desert region also manages to sustain many other species of animals. These include: reticulated giraffe, topi, greater kudu, zebra, Grant’s gazelle, jackal, hippo, lion, cheetah, leopard, striped hyena and Beisa oryx, A huge number of crocodiles are also found on Lake Turkana Central Island. They are known to be the world’s largest breeding population of Nile crocodiles.

Because of its inhospitable nature; the Turkana region has a naturally low population who struggle to survive as pastoralists because of the many droughts and extremely hot dry conditions.These truly unique tribal people have rarely seen tourists.

Lake Turkana National Reserve
Sibiloi National Park
Central Island National Park
South Island National Park

Not for the fainthearted; this is somewhere without the luxury camps found elsewhere. To visit, you’ll need to have an adventurous spirit and be prepared to rough it. Organised tours can be arranged, or go it alone but be very well-prepared.

BKenya Recommended Hotels:

Other accommodation you may want to consider:

  • Alia Bay run by the National Museum of Kenya (self catering) The guesthouse is on the shores of Lake Turkana   ♥
  • Turkana campsite, Sunset Strip Camp and koodi Fora Campsite  (Public campsites offer latrines only and no water)  ♥
  • Oasis Lodge (Sibiloi National Park)  ♥
  • Lobolo Tented Camp (Sibiloi National Park)  ♥


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