Mt Kenya National Park


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The area around Mt Kenya is somewhere easy to visit, where you can relax and enjoy the landscape and scenery.

Alternatively, if you’re in reasonable health and ready for a challenge, why not enjoy the satisfaction of climbing to the top Africa’s second highest mountain.

Standing at (5199m) fewer people climb here than Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, but those who do, often rate it as a more interesting climb. There are different options of climbing Mt. Kenya ranging from a quick one day stroll, to an intensive 5 or 6 day climb.

Location & Landscape
It’s has tremendously varied zones of vegetation and scenery as you climb; from the acacia studied plains, lush moorlands, moving up to a barren alpine zone covered in snow and finally the craggy summit. It’s toughness and beauty have gripped the imagination of adventurers for more than a century. Even for climbers with experience in mountaineering, Mount Kenya offers a challenge and a natural beauty that is difficult to beat.

Whether you’re a nature lover wanting a leisurely day exploring the lower forest of the Mt.Kenya slopes or a more ambitious adventurer, who wishes to reach summit Pt. Lenana it really is up to you. Because the mountain is so large, and offers such a diversity of trekking and climbing routes, there may be a need for a special itinerary that you require, which most travel agents will be happy to help you with. The Mountain Club of Kenya are also an organisation you can contact for more information.


Of course, you don’t have to climb Mount Kenya to enjoy the area around it. There are some wonderful places to stay nearby where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

BKenya recommended places to stay:

Other Tented Camps you may want to consider:

Local Tip

Be prepared when you climb Mount Kenya. It’s a fantastic climb but it takes several days to get right to the top. You’ll have a wonderful time, but it’s going to be cold, cold cold so you need proper gear and will need an experienced guide to accompany you.


Address: Mount Kenya, north Kenya

Directions: From Nairobi – about a 3 hour drive north of Nairobi

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