Nairobi Water

It’s best to pay bills promptly, as Nairobi Water (and all the utility companies) are quick to cut you off, slow to reconnect.

They seem to have a much improved customer relations department down town, and although notoriously inefficient in the past, the management (from 2003), seem to have improved the service and standards over time.

Water rationing is frequent in Nairobi, so having a large storage tank of around 5000litres (or two) is definitely something to think about it you don’t have one already! Bills are often late or not sent at all, which can cause you to be cut off through no fault of your own. One way to avoid this is to pay an excess amount into your account, which will alleviate the chance of you being cut off.

Water Contacts:Nairobi
The Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company
P.O. 30656 – 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Head Office: Kampala Road, Industrial Area
Other offices:
Haile Selassie Avenue (not far from the railway station)
The Mall, Westlands
Fax: +254 552 126,  +254 552 133

Local Tip
In our experience the best place to visit to get service is the downtown branch near the Train Station. It’s a big office and they seem relatively well organised in comparison to other outlets.


Telephone: +254 20 557 131/2/3 / +254 552 150 / +254 552 126
Address: Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company , Kampala Road, Industrial Area

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