Amaica, Milimani

3Amaica in Milimani offer authentic African cuisine presented beautifully in a lovely environment.

They say that they are the only restaurant in Kenya where the menu will include indigenous foods such as wild traditional mushrooms, bambara nuts, groundnuts and white ants.They use African clay pots and they apply traditional methods of cooking to give you a truly Kenyan style of food.The preparation of some of these meals means sourcing for traditional food experts from the village.

There are several branches of Amaica in Nairobi. The blend of a chic, modern African interior and authentic home cooked food has prooved popular. It’s a unique style of dining and we’re sure you will enjoy the experience.

Telephone: +254 724 477 663
Address: Ralph Bunche , Milimani Road

Directions: It’s on the junction of Ralph Bunche and Milimani Road Junction in Milimani area.

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