Brew Bistro & Lounge

161580_800_561A glass encased micro-brewery, vibrant atmosphere, and opulent lounge make a dramatic interior for the Brew Bistro and Lounge.

Located on the Ngong Road in Nairobi, just a few metres from the Junction Shopping Centre, this stylish venue has an electric atmosphere by night and provides a stylish dining experience by day. The soaring glass encased brewery serves as a pristine backdrop together with lavish red, velvet banquettes and an expansive outdoor terrace. All combined is a feast for the five senses.
The centralized, open kitchen converts back of house activity into mouth-watering dinner theatre. Taking centre stage in this striking setting is the fusion -inspired cuisine. Signature dishes include; Calamari Sauce Nero from our Petit Plats (Small Plates) Selection , several different cuts of premium 21 days aged beef from our Butchers Block Steak menu, Magic Mushroom Threesome from our Vegetarian Selection and much more.The Brew Bistro and Lounge offers versatile, contrasting menus; from a casual dinner out on the terrace, to a fine dining dinner extravaganza or jazz Sunday brunch.

The Brew Lounge is where primal instincts come out and play. Guest DJ’s and live bands provide the hottest soundtracks, while guests sip on specialty cocktails and the premium brews brewed in house, served by the meter.
The Big Five Breweries Company opened its doors to the world in 2009. The brewing of great beer is a complicated art, however with a combination of the best ingredients, traditional brewing methods as per the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law) and modern ingenuity, this enables us to create an array of truly exceptional draft beers.
Also visit them on their Facebook Page and Twitter where you can find out about the many live events hosted at The Brew Bistro.


  • Monday to Thursday: 4pm- 12.30 am for Dinner
  • (Last orders at midnight & last drinks orders at 12.30 am)
  • Friday: 4pm-02.30 am for Dinner
  • (Last orders at midnight & last drinks orders at 02.30 am)
  • Saturday: 11.00 am- 02.30 am for Lunch & Dinner
  • (Last food orders at midnight & last drinks orders at 02.30 am)
  • Sunday &Public Holidays: 11.00 am-12.30 am for Brunch, Lunch & Dinner.
  • (Last food orders at midnight & last drinks orders at 12.30 am)
  • (Brunch only served from 11.00am-4.00pm)


  • Monday to Sunday: 7.00pm-10.30pm for Dinner
  • (Last food orders at 10.30 am)
Open for Lunch only for groups above 20 pax strictly upon reservation.

Local Tip
The Brew Bistro host various themed events with live Music or a DJ – they’re extremely popular events for the sophisticated Nairobi crowd. ‘AFROBEAT ‘is one of these theme nights held on the last Saturday of every month. It has a near fanatical following by many!


Telephone: +254 719 648 138 / +254 731 006 068
Address: Piedmont Plaza , Lavington

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