Dormans Mama Ngina

607156_638_365Dormans Mama Ngina Street is situated in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

It serves cafe style cuisines such as sandwiches, melts, cakes, pies, hot and cold sandwiches and paninis. Although the company is mainly focused on exporting cofee, the Dorman’s Cafe also serves milkshakes and smoothies and other beverages.

  • Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Dormans also offers outside catering, deliveries and takeaways.
  • Dormans are coffee experts; founded in 1950, they export coffee to Europe and globaly and pride themselves on promoting stainability and ethical sourcing which has become a key element of their buying policy. Among many other awards and certifications, Dormans was the first coffee trader in Kenya to be certified by FLO Fairtrade.
  • Other branches of Dormans can be found in The Junction, Village Market, Karen and Wilson Airport.


Telephone: +254 20 222 9724 / +254 71 486 9800
Adddress: Mama Ngina Street , City Centre
Facebook Url;

 Directions:It is located in the citys CBD.

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