Pool Garden – Sarova Panafric

sarova_panafric_flame_tree_terrace_bigPool Garden is situated in the Sarova Panafric and it specializes in Nyama Choma, African and International Cuisines.

Offers lunch buffet and A-La-Carte menu for dinner of light meals & snacks from monday to friday .

Features featured include free parking lot, high chairs for chil dren, both a smoking & non smoking area, outdoor seating, swimming pool, inhotel and disabled access.


Telephone: +254 20 276 7000 / +254 709 111 000 / +254 20 272 6356
Address: Sarova Panafric , City Centre
Website: http://www.sarovahotels.com/panafric/

Directions:Its a 5 minutes’ drive from the CBD and a 30 minutes drive from the JKIA via Mombasa Rd.

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