Savanna Coffee Lounge- Kenyatta Avenue

Savannah_Logo_COSavanna Coffee Lounge is situated along the Kenyatta Avenue and serves a wide variety of foods and beverages a relaxing atmosphere.

It offers breakfast, and light lunches (burgers, sandwiches, pasta, wraps eyc). They also offer a dessert menu.

Savanna belongs to the Sameer Group and they have several outlets throughout Nairobi and beyond. Other Savanna outlets within Nairobi include:

  • Loita Street in the city centre
  • Kenyatta Street in the City Centre
  • The National Museum of Kenya
  • Nairobi Hospital, Ralph Bunch Road (in the Heron Portico Hotel)
  • General Accident Building in the City Centre.

within the UN Recreation Centre (this outlet is a private members club, only available to UN staff and their guests).


Telephone: +254 20 248 3825
Address: Kenyatta Avenue , City Centre

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