Nairobi is a wonderful city and has so much to offer. We recommend that visitors try to stay for at least one day during their trip so they can explore some of the exciting things to do here; a game park, elephant orphanage, giraffe centre etc.Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Cottages

Over recent years, traffic has become a real issue though, so let us help you find accommodation close to the places you want to visit. Nairobi has small guest houses, large, stunning 5 star hotels and old colonial hotels with a sense of history. Depending on your length of stay, choosing somewhere close to attractions is a good idea.


City Centre

  • Nairobi city centre has an excellent choice of Five Star Hotels to choose from. Many of the large hotels are in safe, luxurious surroundings where security is not an issue at all. Be careful when booking the lower budget hotels though, as walking around, alone at night, in the city centre can be risky. For things to do in Nairobi City Centre click here  for accommodation click here

Kilimani & Lavington

  • Close to the city centre, Kilimani and Lavington are residential areas.Where there used to be cottages and houses in half acre plots, the area has become more and more built up in recent years and is now comprised mainly of apartments inhabited by middle income expats and locals.Because of the high population in these two areas, there are some large shopping centres nearby; notably the Junction and the Yaya Centre. There are plently of restauarants, cinemas and places of workship in the same area. It is about 30 minutes from the Airport but this really depends on the traffic. For things to do in Kilimani and Lavington click here   for accommodation click here

Village Market(Gigiri & UN) and Limuru

  • The Village Market is a few minutes away from the United Nations Head quarters and the American Embassy.It is a beautifully designed complex with cascading waterfalls, open air restaurants, multi-layered walk ways in which more than 150 retail outlets offer their wares.  This area is a short drive from Muthaiga and the people who live and work in the area tend to be wealthy expats who are on 2-4 year contracts.  Limuru is also a short drive away in the ooposite direction to Muthaiga and here you’ll find coffee and tea plantations and lush rolling hills which is very beautiful. There are several Golf Cubs and Country Clubs nearby and plenty of places to wine and dine in a sophisticated environment. For things to do in the Village Market click here and Limuru click here   and accommodation click here

Langata & Kitengela

  • Langata is close to the Nairobi National Game Park; stories of lions or leopards straying into people’s gardens is not unheard of! It’s why you’re in Kenya – Enjoy! There are many exciting tourist attractions nearby, including the Giraffe Centre, the David Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage, Kitengela Glass, Kazuri Beads Karen Blixen Coffee Garden and much more. Here you can soak up the colonial history of the places and see animals face to face. Langata is found next door and is very similar.  For things to do in Langata and Kitengela click here and accommodation click here

Mombasa Road (Airport)

  • The Mombasa Road leads to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Wilson Airport is in found in Langata and is for the smaller, chartered planes and Domestic flights. There are several luxurious hotels close to JKIA Airport. Others hotels in this category are further away and some even offering a safari style setting as they are on the outskirts of Nairobi. For some you may see a spinkling of wildlife roaming around as you approach the camp or guest house. For things to do near the Airport click here

Upper Hill

  • Upper Hill is a short distance away from Nairobi City Centre.It tends to offer services to a wealthy Kenyan clientele as it’s close to Statehouse and the Central Business district. It also close to Nairobi Hospital and therefore is a hub for people related to this (doctors and people visiting patients in the area).

Muthaiga & Thika Road

  • Many Embassies are located in this area and the Muthaiga Club is famous as being a key meeting place during colonial times. Muthaiga is close to the Village Market, the UN and the American Embassy. It’s about 10-15 minutes from the city centre and Westlands. For things to do in Muthaiga and close by click here


  • Parklands and Westlands are thriving and built up areas of Nairobi with lots of bars, restaurants, shopping malls and luxurious hotels. For things to do in Westlands click here


  • A stay in Karen means that you’ll be close to nature and have many exciting tourist attractions nearby. Karen is named after Karen Blixen and has an interesting history with history landmarks in this area. Langata is found next door and it is similar in its atmosphere and what it has to offer. Local attractions include the Giraffe Centre, the David Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage, The Kitengela Glass Workshop and Glassblowing Centre. Karen sits next to the suburb of Langata and both areas are comprised of beautiful homes having huge gardens of 5 acres or more. The whole place has a rustic feel. For things to do in Karen click here


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