Places of Worship & Religion

All Saints Church, Upper Hill (Near the City Centre)

All Saints Church, Upper Hill (Near the City Centre)

Places of Worship

The majority of Kenyans are Christians, with Islam being found throughout Kenya and being the predominantly along the coast. Hindus and Buddhism are also represented with places of worship found fairly easily throughout the city. The Kenya Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and worship to its citizens, residents and visitors.

  • Christian-Protestant 45% (This includes the Anglican Church of Kenya)
  • Roman Catholic 33%
  • Islam 10%
  • Indigenous Religions 10%
  • Other 2%

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Christian worship services can be found all throughout Kenya, so on your stay don´t worry about missing church.

  • All Saints Catherdral
  • St Francis Church, Karen
  • Italian Chapel, Lake Naivasha
  • Childrens’ Church
  • Lavington United Church
  • Parkland’s Baptist Church
  • Nairobi Baptist Church


Islamic followers in Kenya include both Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims and the Ismaili community is quite large in Nairobi with Aga Khan having founded various institutions in the Parklands area and elsewhere. The Aga Khan has visited Kenya several times. The largest number of Muslims are found in Mombasa and along the other coastal regions. Nairobi has numerous mosques and a notable Muslim following, so you’ll be able to find a Muslim place of worship while you are in Kenya.

  • Jamia Mosque


There are some really beautiful temples around Nairobi and elsewhere. Take a look at our listing of which are some of the best.

  • Spring Valley Temple, Westlands
  • Shree Visa Oshwal Temple (Jain)
  • EA Swaminarayan Temple, Parklands
  • BAPS Swaminaryan Hindu Temple, Parklands


If you would like to attend a Buddhist worship service while you are in Kenya then find the closest one from our listings.

  • Theravada Buddhist Centre

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