Lukenya Guest House

372668_800_579Just a few miles outside Nairobi you’ll find the Lukenya Guest House.

It offers medium budget accommodation away from the city where you will enjoy fresh air and an uncrowded feel.

You can rent out the property for a large conference or group, or by the room. The Lukenya Guest House has it’s own pool and is comfortably furnished with a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, lounge and 6 spacious bedrooms.

Recommended For
Families looking for a homely environment away from the crowded city or groups who are looking for a small conference or team building venue can easily be catered for. Extra space space for camping is available if you have a larger group or alternatively, individuals who are looking for a restful place to stay away from the city will also enjoy this peaceful retreat. Lukenya is the ideal place for a wedding with it’s open surroundings and close proximity to Nairobi. It takes anything between 45 minutes to an hour to drive into the city centre, depending on the traffic – and is about 30 minutes from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. In the area there is an off road Go Karting Centre nearby and another place of interest that is easy to get to includes an Ostrich Farm which is just a short drive away.

The Lukenya Guest House has 6 double bedrooms which are either en-suite or have shared bathroom. Make sure you request a private bathroom if this is important to you.

The House is just a few miles from the city on the Mombasa Road. You drive through open savannah to reach them and have a very good chance of seeing zebra, antelope and other wildlife at the side of the road as you leave the city behind to enter the wide open scenery in this area of natural beauty.


Address: Lukenya, Mombasa Road

Directions:Road access is easy; however, you will either have to hire a car or van or have your own transportation. The House is quite a distance from the main road so relying on public transport is probably not the best idea.

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