Mamba Village Campsite

DSCN5361Mamba Village in Nairobi has a budget campsite. It has clean washrooms and a covered dining room with facilities that are perfect for a group of up to 80 children or 50 adults.

Security in the Mamba Village campsite is as good as you can find in Nairobi with a perimeter fence, and guards. There is no campsite shop; however, meals and drinks are available in the main building just about 50 metres away.
Within the grounds of the Mamba Village complex. The Mamba Village offers plenty to do and has a large restaurant where guests can eat if they feel sociable.
The Camp is close to Wilson Airport.

Mamba Village
Mamba Village has a man made lake with boats and fairground equipment. There are also camel and horse rides and ostriches that you can feed. There is a giraffe and an excellent collection of crocodiles who snap and leap about in a feeding frenzy when it’s dinner time! There’s also a collection of rabbits, guinea fowl and other animals that young children might enjoy looking at and stroking. Other Facilities at Mamba Village is a low key art gallery, and a large restaurant selling Nyama Choma (roasted meat). The food is served at tables with umbrellas outside on the grassy lawns or inside where there is also a bar. At weekends the place gets quite busy and overall Mamba Village is an interesting place which is great to visit with small children.

Local Tip
The campsite might be a bit lonely if you are an independent traveller. In our opinion it would be a great place for a large group though as it’s very convenient for all the local attractions.


Telephone: +254 20 890 887
Address: Langata

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