Rock House

swimmingpoolWelcome to Rock House a house which offers guests a memorable home stay opportunity.

In tune with its name, Rock House has been modeled by a local artist/architect to reflect our origins on the slopes of Mt Kenya and the owner’s passion for nature’s captivating sceneries. Despite the fact that it is located in the city, the House offers guests a peaceful stay away from that fast paced life generally associated with busy towns.

At this House guests can enjoy swimming in the beautiful swimming pool which is graced by the splendid cascading waterfalls. The Rock House theme is not lost and can even be felt in the pool area. The swimming pool is well lit to allow both day and night swimming activities. There is also wireless internet is available and if you forgot to bring your laptop, a modern internet ready desktop computer is always available.

At Rock House guests are hosted by the owner and his wife, and supported by a friendly team who are just like family. Fresh homemade meals are served in generous portions and the more inquisitive visitors are welcomed to our kitchen to get hints on how to prepare Kenyan delicacies. The dining room has a beautiful interior design and the complementing natural wood furniture is very gratifying.

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Despite its close location to the town, Rock House offers a peaceful and tranquil stay away from the hustle and bustle. The scenery is enchanting and the feeling of the mountains is kept alive in the theme around the house. It is an awesome leisure get away location in Nairobi

The house has a great interior décor. Caved flights of stairs will lead the guests to their assigned bedrooms. The rooms have been furnished with beds which are straight out of bedrock easily harmonising the Rock house theme. Each bed has a nice and soft duvet and a mosquito net to keep away the pesky flying insects. The beautifully appointed rooms are designed to provide quality, comfort and attention to detail.

The house is located in Karen in Nairobi City. This house has a lush garden which is adorned with a foot bridge and waterfall. This area is home to a hamerkorp family which has built one of the largest bird nests on an acacia tree in the compound and most evenings feed on frogs and tadpoles in a pod next to the waterfall. Exotic and indigenous flowers grow freely here giving it the essence of the Mount Kenya region. For bird-watchers, exotic birds are in love with our lush vegetation, flowers and waterfall and we encourage many more by additional feeding.

Local Tip
The interior furnishing and décor in each room in the house is lovely creating a warm and homely ambiance.



Telephone: +254 020 242 133 / +254 722 511 752 / +254 020 210 051
Address: Karen, Nairobi
Website: http://

Directions: Rock House is located in Karen which is only 40 minutes from the Centre of Nairobi City yet it is worlds apart from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is about a 20 minutes’ drive to the city Centre. So in total it will take guests about 1 hour to get to the House.

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