Safari Destinations

Home of Africa’s original wildlife tour, Kenya is also the setting for much loved film ‘The Lion King’. It draws in thousands of visitors every year for safari adventures and is arguably the safari capital in the world.

There are many locations where you can see ‘The Big Five’ (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino). Each location is unique and offers a different experience of landscape, flora, fauna and even climate.

  • Amboseli  -Views of Kilimanjaro, dry, dust devils.
  • Laikipia  Wide open, empty spaces, private ranches
  • Maasai Mara   -Most popular, many animals, wildebeeste migration
  • Meru National Park   -Where Elsa the lion was released, little visited, remote.
  • Samburu    – Stunning scenery, dry, unusual animals not seen in other parks.
  • Shimba Hills  – Very close to the south-coast, sable antelope.
  • Tsavo East  -Easy to access from the coast, wild, open
  • Tsavo West  -Wild, remote, huge with large herds of elephants. Hot springs.
  • Mt Kenya National Park  – Africa’s 2nd highest mountain. Cold, warm fires!
  • The Aberdares National Park  -Large expanses of bamboo forest, many elephant, Treehouses.
  • Samburu

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