Safaricom (Telephone & Internet)

Safaricom is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest network providers in Kenya.

They provide a host of products and services for Telephones, GPRS, 3G, EDGE, Data and Fax.

  • Safaricom has agreements with 260 network operators in 116 countries to allow their subscribers to roam while in Kenya. Therefore, travellers in Kenya are offered a wide network coverage from Safaricom together with a reliable service.
  • When visiting Kenya, you can use your existing cell phone and number to make and receive calls/SMS.

How to use your mobile phone on a Safaricom network while visiting Kenya:
Once you land in Kenya, switch on your phone

  1. If this does not automatically choose Safaricom, search manually on your phone by selecting “settings”, then “phone settings” followed by “network selection” Choose Manual selection. You will receive a choice of Kenyan networks – select Safaricom or 639-02 if codes are displayed instead *navigation steps may differ in some handsets
  2. You are now ready to roam with Safaricom, the Vodafone network in Kenya
  3. To make international calls, remember to dial + and the international country code before the desired number e.g. to call UK no 12312312 mobile dial +44 77 12312312
  4. To make local calls (to Kenya numbers) you don’t need to insert “+” and country code. E.g to call a Safaricom number just dial 0722 123123

Safaricom History:
Safaricom originally started as a department of Kenya Posts & Telecommunications Corporation in 1993. Safaricom Ltd, and was incorporated in 1997. In 2002 it was converted into a public company with limited liability.

Safaricom Products:
Saraficom has a range of products for post paid and prepaid phones. Safaricom is an internet provider and it’s hugely successful M-Pesa service allows customers to transfer money using a mobile phone even if you don’t have a bank account. Kenya is the first country in the world to use this service, which is offered in partnership between Safaricom and Vodafone. To register with M-pesa is free and customers can make use of this service through the countless M-PESA agents who are spread throughout the country. The M-PESA application is installed on your SIM card and works on all makes of handsets.

Safaricom Contacts:
To get in touch with the Safaricom concerning your enquiries, call:
PrePaid: Call 100 (Free)
Or +254 20 427 2100 (chargeable)

PostPaid/Advantage: 200 (Free)
Or +254 20 427 2200 (chargeable)

Local Tip
In our experience, Safaricom have the fastest speed if you want to use the internet. You can buy a dongle for a reasonable price, and use scratch cards to top it up. You can then use this almost anywhere throughout Kenya. There are other networks, but we recommend Safaricom for reliability and speed.


Telephone: +254 20 427 3272
Address: City Centre

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