Scuba Dive

Nairobi Sailing and Sub-Aqua Club meetings are held on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.

Members come to hear lectures, take part in special events, and plan dive trips to the coast and elsewhere. Visitors are warmly welcomed.

  • By becoming a member of the Dive Club entitles you to also have close links with the Mountain Club of Kenya (MCK) so, by being a member of one, you automatically become a member of the other.
  • Members are able to use the resources and equipment belonging to the club and meet other like minded people. The Clubs also organises various trips; Scuba diving trips to the coast and also in-land dive sites.
  • The Dive Club is registered as a BSAC Branch and so are able to train members under the high standards of the BSAC system. Divers who are trained by other systems are also warmly welcomed.

To be considered for membership, candidates must:

  • Be a qualified scuba diver (under any recognised body) OR
  • Be embarking on a diving course offered by the club

the Nairobi Sailing Club was formedin 1957 and amalgamated with the Kenya Sub Aqua Club to form the Nairobi Sailing and Sub Aqua Club (NSSAC) in 1985.

The Club has a clubhouse with a swimming pool, 2 small bars, shower rooms and 2 other rooms which can be used for conferences or lectures.

Local Tip
The Dive Club of Kenya meet in Nairobi at weekends and put on a great BBQ.


Email :
Address : Langata Road , Near Langata Shopping Centre, Langata, Nairobi

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