Sean Garstin Motors

If you’re looking to buy a car, Sean Gariston is your man!

He has a wealth of experience in the motor industry and has a track record of being a reliable, trustworthy (and very nice!) person.

Sean’s experience is complimented by his beautifully laid out sales room and his friendly personality. His main work involves importing cars from Japan; although, he also has a selection of gorgeous looking beasts at his showroom, which is also well worth checking out!

Sean has worked in Management roles at CMC Motors, DT Dobie and Daimler Chrysler passenger cars. He now operates on his own car importing business, but he retains close links to St Austin Motors who who he forst started out with in 2007. The’re right next door and “here we have access to a very good general workshop & panel shop – all in all, it’s a one stop shop!”

But why buy a car through Sean? “We only buy live on auction, because that way, we’re guaranteed by the auctioneers on the authenticity of the vehicles,” Sean says. Since starting his own car business, he has imported over a 100 units & “every one has been perfect”. The secret to Sean’s success is, he says that he goes to a great deal of trouble to source the correct vehicles and that, combined with the invaluable help of his Japanese counterparts helps him to avoid scams and frauds which are pitfalls that the inexperienced could have trouble spotting. Sean Gariston helps his customers tiptoe through the paperwork involved, and making his customers feel at ease when buying a car is what Sean does best.

British by birth, Sean became a Kenya citizen in 2005, affirming his intention to stay in Kenya. He’s a real people person and in addition to information about his car sales, his website also has other useful information.

Details of a 4×4 club is regularly updated. This club was founded by Sean and organises trips “up-country” for those looking for an adventure with a crowd of like minded people. They also hold social events in Nairobi and elsewhere – the details are all there on Sean’s site.

There is a link to security advice issued by Greystone Ltd and Glen Edmunds Performance Driving School. This gives plenty of hints and tips on how to be safe in Kenya, so if you’re new to living Nairobi, we’d recommend you checking it out!


Telephone: +254 722 513 143 / +254 20 300 1337
Address: James Gichuru & Mugumu Road , Lavington, Nairobi

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