Shimba Hills

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Shimba Hills Lodge

Shimba Hills National Reserve is one of the largest coastal forests in East Africa, and is just a few km’s away from Diani Beach.

You probably won’t see as much game as in other large game parks; however, being so close to the south coast resorts, and having large numbers of elephants, we feel it’s a great place to visit so would recommend you visit if you have time.

Landscape & Vegetation
The reserve is made up of forest, scrub and grasslands and is rich in flora and fauna. Being almost on the equator, the climate is hot and humid with lush vegetation and a tropical environment

Shimba Hills National Reserve is home to a very large number of elephant, which you should be sure to see if you do a gamedrive. Other animals you should look out for are the endangered Sable antelope which are commonly seen. Although they are not always easy to find, many other animals are also seen in the reserve including giraffe, leopard, genet, Civet Cat, hyena, waterbuck, Bush Pig, buffalo, Bush Baby, bushbuck, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, Duikers, Vervet Monkey, Sykes Monkey, Serval Cat and shrews.

The reserve has over 110 bird species and you can see them in the forest or grasslands including rare species of birds such as the red-necked-Spurfowl, Croaking Cisticola and Zanzibar Red Bishop.

Where to Stay – BKenya recommends

Local Tip
Although you won’t see SOooo many animals compared to the other parks, you will still see quite a few.


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