Top Ten: Special Interest Holidays

In addition to the wildlife safaris or beach vacations that Kenya is famous for, there are a wide array of alterative special interest safaris which appeal to you.

Suggested itineraries might include….

IMG_29591. Golf Holidays
Several days at the Windsor Golf Club just outside Nairobi, followed by a week at the coast near Nyali Golf Course and a week in The Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club (18 hole course) in the shadow of this impressive snow capped mountain that straddles the equator.


2. Adventure Tours
2 days White water rafting and bungee jumping with Savage wilderness safaris near to Mount Kenya, 4 days climbing mount Kenya , a couple of days walking safari in Tsavo at Salt Lick Camp among the elephants and lion then on to the Nomad’s in Diani for scuba diving and a spot of kite surfing!



423384_774_5573. Holidays with Children
A week in Mombasa at Turtle Bay , a few days in Nairobi (Jolly Roger bouncy castle outdoor play area) a visit the Elephant Orphanage , the Giraffe Centre and the  Mamba Village where you can feed ostriches, crocodiles etc), two days on safari at Kitchwa Tembo in the Maasai Mara where they have a nice pool, and a day at Malu farm where you can ride in a horse and trap, and pet baby animals! Lastly a day in Nairobi where you can visit the Village Market and the kids can play on water slides and play crazy golf!

Banana House, Lamu

4. Fishing Trips
A week at Hemmingways in Watamu for some big game fishing where you may catch a 120kg blue Marlin or Sailfish. Next stay at the Mount Kenya Safari Club for some river fishing in the hope of catching some nile perch, and then 3 days at Mfangano Island Camp in the west of Kenya near to Lake Victoria for some peace and quiet by Africa’s biggest freshwater lake.

275571_800_5335. Eco Safari’s
Spend a night at Kitengela Glass and see the recycled activities going on there. A few nights at Basecamp Maasai Mara (Gold eco-rated site) followed by Porini Lion Camp in Amboseli (silver eco-rated site) ending up at Mombasa Serena (Bronze eco-rated site).


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 18.38.126. Historical Pilgrimage – The Obama Tour !
Go on a historical pilgrimage to see the history of Kenya through from the archeological remains of early man, through to Arab, Portugese and British influences. Finish the tour by seeing the place where Barack Obama originates from. Start the tour by visiting Nairobi Museum to see excavations of early mankind and then on to Lake Magadi to see more early excavations by the famous Leakey family. Next, on to Mombasa where you will see Swahili style architecture influenced by the early arab traders and settlers and parts of Fort Jesus that was instrumental in the trading of slaves. Look around Fort Jesus used by the Portugese, Arabs and British colonizers, with the final part of the tour finishing with a visit to the area where Barack Obama’s grandmother lives in Western Kenya.

Elsa’s Kopje7. Romantic Holidays
Get married on the beach at Kiwayu Island and stay in the exclusive lodge favoured by royalty and the rich and famous! Fly to the Fairmont Mara Safari Club in the Maasai Mara  and take an early morning Hot air Balloon ride followed by a champagne breakfast in the bush. A few days at Larsens in Samburu will end your honeymoon in the quiet bush surroundings where there are no children allowed!

P10300808. Twitchers / Birdwatching Holidays
4 days at Loldia House on the western Shore of Lake Naivasha. A luxurious colonial style farm with lawns and a tranquil environment from which to see the abundant birdlife in this area. Next, go to Kakamega, Kenya’s best indigenous rainforest where you’ll find really wonderful birds of all shapes and sizes. Lastly head up to Island Camp in Baringo where up to 400 species have been sighted out of the 1000 species so far found in Kenya.

IMG_06109. Photographers Dream
Quite honestly, anywhere you go will give you ample opportunity to take great photos. Try Tortilis Camp in Amboseli though, with stunning views of Kilimanjaro in the background and elephants wading through swamps with a dark stormy sky and bright sunshine -beautiful! Next go to the Tea Hotel in Kericho where the tea plantations have beautiful dark skinned workers who contrast in their colourful clothes with bright, bright green fields of tea. In contrast to the lush landscape of Kericho, lies stark landscapes in the Lake Turkana region. Colourful turkana warriors look regal and impressive and the Chalbi desert offers unique lighting and visual opportunities you will just love.

Mann08Maxine2210. Spa & Wellbeing Holidays
5 days of meditation and yoga at Samaki House in Lamu , followed by 4 days in Diani at the Swahili Beach Hotel drinking fresh juices and eating seafood. Then on to Chui Lodge in Lake Naivasha where you can read and relax in the tranquil surroundings, take walks on Crescent Island and have daily massages and spa treatments.

Other ideas are

  • Gastronomy courses.
  • Learn to cook in the bush.
  • Snake safari’s.
  • Organized by BioKen Snake Research Centre, you’ll go to Tsavo for 5 days where you’ll go off in search of the big 5 snakes (Cobra, Pythons, Puff Adders, Boomslang and Black Mamba!).


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