The Aberdares National Park

The Ark

This highland area will give you a slightly cooler experience in one of Kenya’s only virgin forest reserves.

Landscape & Location
The Aberdare National Park is found north of Nairobi in central Kenya. Dramatic waterfalls, mountains and deep valleys, contrast with the undulating moorlands and volcanic outcrops. Deep ravines cut through the forested slopes found within this scenic region.

The birdlife is rich with over 250 species in the park. Although there aren’t quite as many animals to see in comparison to some of the other game-parks, there is still plenty to see. Animals seen include rhino, elephant, baboon, black and white Colobus monkey and Sykes monkey. Rarer sightings include leopard, lion, the golden cat and an elusive forest antelope called the bongo, which lives in the bamboo forest. Higher in the moorlands, you may also be lucky and see eland and even Serval cats.

Things to Do
These highlands are usually cool and bathed in bright sunshine most of the time, they make a wonderful place to enjoy trout fishing in the clean, pure rivers. Enjoy a picnic or camp in the moorlands. It was in this region that Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged – ideal for those looking for a beautiful, remote and tranquil environment away from it all.

Where to Stay
Staying at one of the famous tree-house hotels – “Tree Tops” or “The Ark” will let you see a fair number of animals wandering down to their adjacent waterholes. They have real character and a must if you want a novel place to stay. You may easily see a bushbaby, civit or genet cat which are baited each night and come within meters from guests at the bar!


BKenya recommended places to stay:

Other places you may want to consider:

Local Tip
Queen Elizabeth was staying here when her father died; this changing her position from Princess Elizabeth to Queen Elizabeth during her stay.

Directions: From Nairobi – about 3 hours drive north

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