Top Ten: Kids

IMG_00161. Hand-feed a giraffe (Langata, Nairobi)

You can do this at the Giraffe Centre , or stay at the Giraffe Manor and have them dining at your breakfast table!



133735_800_6182. David Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage (Langata, Nairobi)

Watching baby elephants feeding and playing at the David Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage is something not to be missed. Children can adopt their own elephant and opportunities to touch and stroke the elephants close up is usually possible. (Open for only one hour per day at 11am).


3. Animal Orphanage & Safari Walk (Langata, Nairobi)

The Animal Orphanage houses orphaned, sick or problem animals from all over Kenya. Sometimes visitors have been allowed into the enclosure to stroke the tame, hand-reared cheetah, so if you ask someone, you may be lucky!
Right next door is the Safari Walk A raised boardwalk takes you around the animal enclosures. Where you can see rare bongo, white rhino, albino zebra, a collection of cats (cheetah, lion, etc.), antelopes and primates.

4. Mamba Village (Langata, Nairobi)

This is the place to visit if you want to see crocodiles and ostriches close up. Spread over 30 acres, Mamba Village mainly attracts the local market. It has a man made lake with rather rickety boats and fairground equipment. There are also camel and horse rides and ostriches that you can feed. A collection of crocodiles snap and leap about in a feeding frenzy when it’s dinner time! There’s also a collection of rabbits, guinea fowl and other animals that young children might enjoy looking at and stroking.

5. Family Safari (Masai Mara)

The Young Adventures Club situated in the Maasai Mara offers special ‘kids club’ programs for the younger safari enthusiasts. These give bush skills training and special, supervised activities for your child which allows parents and older siblings ‘quality’ time of their own.

6. Bio-Ken Snake Farm (Watamu, North Coast)

Reputedly the biggest and best snake farm in East Africa! Whether you’re a snake fan or not, as it really is hard not to find Bio-Ken Snake Farm an interesting place to visit. Guests are offered the chance to hold non-venomous snakes and reptiles.

7. The Jolly Roger Theme Park and Restaurant (Langata, Nairobi)

This pirate bouncy castle theme park is an amazing place to know about if you have young, energetic children! The Jolly Roger Theme Park and Restaurant is the perfect place for them to run around in. There is a small pool, lots of inflatable toys some that are water slides, fishing for young children.

8. Go Karting (Langata, Nairobi)

GP Go Karting is a fun day out and is a professionally run outfit. A short safety talk at the beginning of your session is then followed by 10-20 minutes of racing. A printed sheet with all your lap times, best lap time, fastest kart for each race etc. is all recorded automatically.

9. Railway Museum (Nairobi city centre)

As well as a super collection of old bells to ding, handles to turn and models to look at, the museum has the added interest of the Lions of Tsavo ; where man eating lions terrorised (and ate a great many of) the local workforce, during the construction of the Mombasa – Nairobi railway. Children can climb on the carriages and run around outside at the Nairobi Railway Museum – Great fun!
10. Paradise Lost (outskirts of Nairobi)
Paradise Lost is a large parkland with lots to offer including huge ancient caves you can enter hidden behind a waterfalls, a boating lake, ostrich’s you can feed, pony and camel rides.

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