10 Good Reasons to visit Kenya

What makes a perfect holiday destination? Palm beaches, sunshine and relaxation? Perhaps exotic wildlife in perfect harmony with natural surroundings? Kenya has all these things and more. Here are ten good reasons why we feel you should visit…

1. White, sandy beaches stretching for miles415759_800_562

With 480 km of beautiful coastline, Kenya has a variety of coastal locations to visit, ranging from quaint little fishing villages with hardly any cars to be seen, to thriving tourist areas with every amenity for party animals or families. Remote stretches of coastline can easily be found, and as the sun rises and sets over the Indian Ocean each day the clear, warm water laps gently against the shore. Tall palm trees gently swaying in the cool breeze – it’s just heaven.

2. A tropical climate all year round

Straddling the equator, Kenya’s climate offers sunshine and warm weather all year round – great for beach holidays or a Kenya safari. With average temperatures between 22ºC and 30ºC, there’s sunshine all year round. Tropical rainstorms are usually at night and the two rainy seasons generally occur in April and September. The good news is that no sooner does the rain stop before the sun comes out again. Kenya’s climate is perfect for those who like it hot, but not too hot!


3. Wildlife

Roaming freely in an untamed wilderness, Kenya has a diverse and unparalleled range of must-see animal and plant species. From the flamingoes on the shores of some of Kenya’s great lakes to the elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, leopards and cheetah. Animals roam freely, in their natural habitat so you can enjoy the exciting experience of watching these amazing creatures up close, all from the back of your jeep. With the wind in your hair, and the warm sun on your skin, listening to the cry of an eagle, this is about as close to nature as you can hope to be.

4. Snow-capped mountains250092_640_464

Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain and stands majestically, overlooking the Amboselli plains. This iconic snow-capped mountain provides a wonderful backdrop to the unspoiled wilderness, bright sunshine and exotic animals roaming freely. For those needing exercise and adventure, Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain and is an extinct volcano that straddles the equator. Mount Kenya is no easy climb. Be fully prepared for a hard 3-5 day trek to the 5200m summit.

IMG_71515. Unique tribal people

With over 70 different tribes living within Kenya, the Kenyan people are perhaps one of Kenya’s most valuable and interesting assets. Although most Kenyans are sophisticated and highly educated, there is also an opportunity to see rural communities where traditional lifestyles have remained the same over many centuries. The regal Maasai with their striking attire, are probably the best known tribe in Kenya. Visitors can go to a traditional village in many areas of Kenya, where they will be welcomed and invited in to meet and learn about the people living there.

6. Pristine coral reefs

Rated as one of the top three dive destinations in the world, Kenya’s coral reefs have an amazing variety of marine life. From starfish to turtles, rays, octopus and squids, not to mention the countless varieties of stunning, brightly coloured fish. There are excellent locations all along the coast which could include the Malindi and Watamu Marine National Parks in the north, or the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park in the South. Whether you view this fascinating undersea world from the bottom of a glass-bottomed boat, or snorkel or dive, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the warm, crystal-clear water and the secrets, hidden within its depths.

7. A rich cultural heritage297960_705_469

Kenya offers a range of cultural places which you can visit, read about and discover. It has been dubbed “The Cradle of Mankind” where our earliest human ancestors originated from. Kenya has experienced many settlers and colonisers all of whom have had an impact on the culture, info-structure and the architecture in Kenya. From early nomadic bantu tribes, to Arab and European and Asian settlers. All have helped to shape Kenyan culture which you can see and experience when you visit. Kenya is also President Obama’s ancestral homeland.

8. Responsible Tourism

Famous for it’s diverse eco-systems, Kenya has ancient rain forests, grasslands, deserts, mountains, lakes, coral reefs, woodlands, wetlands and more. The life-forms that inhabit these environments remain in fragile harmony. By visiting Kenya and practicing responsible and sustainable tourism, you can play your part in helping to keep these complex eco-systems healthy and alive. Responsible tourism protects wildlife including the long list of endangered mammals that still roam freely on the open plains.

9. Accommodation and cuisine for every type of travellerFairmont-Norfolk-Hotel_Exterior

No matter what type of holiday you’re looking for, Kenya offers many styles of accommodation for your holiday. Kenya has a sophisticated tourist industry catering for people from all over the world with every type of requirement. A melting pot of cultures is evident and a rich array of food options available. Upmarket seafood restaurants, sushi diners, bistro style dining , jazz bars etc. are all easy to find. Child friendly dining and high standards of European and North American cuisine can be found. Whatever your taste, it’s available.

10. Adventure – in comfort

Visitors to Kenya are offered adventure in the wild outdoors but you won’t always need to get dirty or exhausted when doing so! Fly over the African savannah in a Hot Air Balloon or view the game from the back of an open-top jeep. Fly in a small charter plane, stroll barefoot on a moonlit beach, parachute, deep- sea fishing, diving or microlighting. It’s all there, and every luxury is available. Enjoy impeccable service and experienced, qualified guides.

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