What to Wear

Visitors can feel free to dress according to their personal choice.

As a rule; however, very revealing clothes, tend not to be worn by the locals, so out of respect, (especially in the predominantly Muslim coastal areas) it’s best to dress modestly when out and about.

Lightweight summer clothing can be worn throughout the year, but the temperature can drop at night so bring one or two sweaters for those cooler evenings. High altitude will also make the climate cooler, so Nairobi, the Aberdares and areas in the Rift Valley can be quite chilly sometimes (see the section on weather for more information on climate).

Topless bathing and nudity is illegal on public beaches in Kenya and is frowned upon by the locals.
Although, in recent years, the rains have been rather unpredictable with many areas of Kenya suffering from terrible droughts, there are usually two main rainy seasons (in April and October). In Nairobi and the highlands, it can rain long and hard during this time, so remember to pack a raincoat if traveling around this time. (Don’t worry, if you DO get caught mid-rainy season, there’s always some sunshine in between the clouds and rain! )

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