A Romantic Getaway

Named after the lioness made famous in George and Joy Adamson’s classic book and film, “Born Free”, and situated just above the site of the couple’s original camp, Elsa’s Kopje provides a tranquil and beautiful setting in ideal Kenya accommodation to kick back with your loved one and crack open a bottle of your finest.

Located on Mughwango Hill in the stunning Meru National Park, Kenya, the luxury lodge comprises a jumbled mix of thatched cottages set amongst rocky crags, and a communal lounge, bar and infinity swimming pool.
Each rustic cottage comes with a private balcony and en suite bathroom, and for couples seeking that extra taste of solitude, a private house and honeymoon suite are available. Don’t forget your binoculars as this is one of the best places in Africa to spot wild rhinos.

You can eat in the dining room or, if you’re feeling adventurous, have private meals and cocktails served in the bush and dine safari style, under the stars. But wherever you choose to relax, both spectacular views and a peaceful ambience are a given.
Elsa’s Kopje, part of the Cheli & Peacock portfolio of exclusive Kenya resorts, is a strong advocate of responsible tourism and is involved in a number of activities to support the local population and environment. Apart from limiting power usage to 10 hours a day, it recycles rubbish, only uses timber that is either dead or from a renewable source and maintains a strong relationship with the native Tharaka people, who are based near the southern boundary of the park.
There is plenty to keep you busy during the day, with massages on request, driving safaris, guided bush walks, excursions to the nearby Tana River and fishing trips arranged by the lodge, but for many, it will be those dreamy African evenings that live on in memory.
As dusk falls and the Great Rift Valley becomes bathed in a glorious sunset, you’ll find it hard to imagine a more romantic setting.

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