Nairobi Railway Museum

256271_640_480As well as a super collection of old bells to ding, handles to turn and models to look at, the museum has the added interest of the Lions of Tsavo; where man eating lions terrorized (and ate a great many of) the local workforce, during the construction of the Mombasa – Nairobi railway.

The great excitement for most children is to see and climb on the carriage where a man was dragged off the train and mauled to death by a lion! In addition to this, the Railways Museum is a fun place for children to climb on the 10 old steam trains in the yard in addition to the interesting selection of old train memorabilia inside the actual railway museum building
For enthusiasts, there are also two working restored steam locomotives, which are kept in the nearby workshops. If interested, ask the very helpful museum guide – David Gitunda, or the Museum curator to arrange a visit during weekdays.

Miniature/Model Railway
There is a rather cute model railway which goes around in a circle. There is a small charge and it’s suitable for children.

In the past, a monthly all day tourist excursions from Nairobi to Naivasha was a popular event. It happened on the second Saturday of the month. Ask at the railway station for more details for this and other outings that might be happening.

Opening Times and Cost:

  • It’s open from 8am to 5pm every day of the week and most holidays, and costs:
  • KSh 100 (Kenya citizens)
  • KSh 400 (residents and non-residents) or
  • 200 (resident and non-resident students)

  • Local Tip
    See the actual carriage where a man eating lion entered and dragged off his poor victim. To read about the whole even, try to get hold of the Book “The Man Eaters of Tsavo” by Colonel Patterson. it really is a classic read.


    Address: Station Road , City Centre

    Directions:The Railway Museum is right at the end of Station Rd. near the Haile Selassie Ave roundabout. Find your way to the Railway Station first, then as you look at the station entrance, veer right and follow a road/track which is signposted (but not VERY clearly!) to the Nairobi Railway Museum.
    NB. If you’re coming by taxi, you must make your driver understand that it’s NOT the National Museum, since the National Museum is something completely different and usually better known by taxi drivers!

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